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Pokémon Quest Review

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Pokemon Quest: Funny Puzzle Game

Pokemon Quest is a mobile puzzle game with a gameplay that revolves around gathering your own team of funny Pokemon to complete different challenges. Download Pokemon Quest and befriend a couple of Pokemons.

Graphics 4/5

The visual style of Pokemon Quest app follows one of the main graphic trends in the modern video game industry, inviting us to the cube-shaped world of Tumblecube Island. While cube-based games generally feel somewhat imitative, this Pokemon Quest game manages to maintain its own, original style, so it may look simplistic enough, but those cubic Pokemon and funny levels they dwell on are simply adorable. The menus could be a little more detailed, and some animations are questionable, but the overall impression is still positive.

Gameplay 3/5

Most of the Pokemon Quest reviews consider its gameplay centered around fighting – and while it's kind of true, the game is actually very far from being a tactical puzzle. The fights themselves are not easy, but they are mostly automatic, and you can even tap a button to make your little monsters fight completely by themselves. What requires your full attention to the point where it becomes painful is the teambuilding aspect.

The Pokemon Quest gameplay seems to be all about composing a perfect team, and it proves to be a real challenge most of the time. That process involves endless expeditions with tons of grinding, so you can get some valuable recipes and ingredients for new Pokemon. Tinkering with their traits and special moves is a lot of fun, but the actual gameplay is borderline mind-numbing. There is way too many boring fights in this game, and all this grinding kills the otherwise inviting atmosphere.

Controls 4/5

The game doesn't seem to be very demanding when it comes to the quality of the controls, but you'd better be playing it on a mobile device. The thing is, the Pokemon Quest Nintendo Switch version has lots of problems with button responsiveness, and its interface is less comfortable. The buttons are too far away from each other, so the console version requires that you use both of your hands, and that's not that convenient.

Replay Value 2/5

Despite the gameplay being really fun and addictive, the grinding aspect is so emphasized that even one walkthrough is enough to stress you out, and it's much harder to imagine anyone who would do all of that grinding all over again. Moreover, there's almost no coherent plot: you just walk around a level, fighting foes and looking for recipes that will allow you to fight other foes, and so on.

The Bottom Line

Pokemon Quest is cute, but it also has a lot of strategic depth. Download Pokemon Quest and build your perfect team of Pokemons.

  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 3
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 2

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