Bourbon Empire

Bourbon Empire

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Bourbon Empire Review

Bourbon Empire is a real-time strategy game set in New York City during Prohibition somewhere in the late 1920s. Claim territory as your own, and profit from the rising bootlegging industry. But be aware, law enforcement can either be your greatest ally, or help in your destruction.


Claim new territory within the city as your own. Collect protection payments from the various businesses and establishments within your neighborhoods. However, not all neighborhoods are the same, some have the potential to be far more profitable than others so pick your battles wisely.

Build Up Your Family

All those new neighborhoods are going to need some muscle to protect and manage it. Create capo units and assign gangsters from the neighborhoods to them. Deploy your crews to their respective districts and watch the money role in. Arm your gangsters with a variety of weapons from handguns to the classic tommy gun to explosives. Also watch them gain experience with every enemy they whack.
If you have money to spare, you can also purchase vehicles for your crews. Makes running around the city a whole lot easier.

Establish Illegal Businesses

Protection payments are nice and all (and its easy!) but the real money is in the rackets. Establish new enterprises ranging from loan sharking to speakeasies. Each type has their own pros and cons, so make sure you know what youre getting yourself into cause setting them up aint cheap.

Bourbon is the Name of the Game

Booze production, transportation, and sale in your fine establishments will certainly help solve your financial woes. Alcohol is a precious commodity during this period and there never seems to be enough. It can both increase profits from some rackets and be a requirement for others to even function. Produce alcohol in modified warehouses, load up your trucks, and get it into your businesses.

Law Enforcement

No crime ever goes unnoticed. Every illegal activity creates some form of heat, if you let that heat get out of hand the police will step in. From imposing fines to arresting (temporarily removing) your muscle to outright shutting down your businesses, the cops can make life very unpleasant.
However, they can also be a real help. Greasing the right palms and having police on the payroll not only helps prevent heat from building up, but the police can also come to your aid whether theyre watching over your neighborhoods, raiding enemy establishments, or even protecting your booze shipments from rival families.

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Bourbon Empire FAQ

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