Trove Review

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Trove: Multiplayer Roleplaying Game

Trove is a multiplayer roleplaying adventure that takes place in a universe made of colorful blocks, visually reminding of Minecraft and similar games. Download Trove full game and gather as much loot as it's possible.

Graphics 3/5

Trove app shares the same visual style that's already become conventional amongst similar sandbox crafting games, mainly due to the enormous popularity of Minecraft. The key to success is simple: a couple of original features are added to that style, and players are meant to believe that the result is original and appealing. And while the Trove specs are quite promising, the game fails to provide us with anything surprising or innovative visually.

Gameplay 3/5

The gameplay isn't that original, too. Despite the fact that the Trove is starting with some sort of a story, it gets almost forgotten a little too soon, and an endless loot grinding process takes its place. There's little explanation of what you're fighting for. Instead, the game offers you a series of portals that take you to different worlds full of dungeons with monsters and heaps of loot. The worlds are generated automatically, so their style may differ from some sort of a candyland to apocalyptic landscapes.

Trove game online makes loot your main priority, and while that gets rather monotonous quickly, it is definitely entertaining at first. The loot is not that boring either: in addition to more common loot that improves your health or damage, there are things that allow you to jump further. And there are a lot of puzzles in the game that require jumping, so gathering loot actually matters here. But all in all, the Trove multiplayer game gets too repetitive soon.

Controls 4/5

The controls are not that complex: after all, all you need is move your character around, fighting the monsters spawning in the dungeons and gathering their remains. There is a modest building aspect, but you don't need to be too careful about that either. All in all, the Trove Xbox One version allows you to orient and interact with the world pretty easily, and the controller feels rather natural.

Replay Value 3/5

Voxel sandboxes like the Trove latest version tend to have rather high replay values. After all, they are specially designed to be varying and replayable. But this game doesn't seem to be that exciting to play it all over. The Trove gameplay is interesting at first, but it gets boring soon, so playing it all over again doesn't seem like a great idea.

The Bottom Line

Interesting and engaging at first, Trove turns out to be just another Minecraft clone too soon. But if you like loot grinding, be sure to download Trove and give it a try.

  • Graphics 3
  • Gameplay 3
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 3

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