Street Outlaws: The List

Street Outlaws: The List

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Street Outlaws The List Review: Fasten your Seatbelts

Street Outlaws: The List is a racing game developed by Team 6 Games for the PC, Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation platform. You will have access to such game modes as "for one player," "for several players," and "joint game." It could be a great alternative to Need for Speed and other famous races. Unfortunately, not everything happens as intended.

Graphics 3/5

Street Outlaws: The List looks really unattractive. We saw something similar at the end of the 2000s and then it would be nice but the time has changed. Cars and everything around looks outdated.

Besides the fact that the picture fails, the sounds also leave much to be desired. Instead of the roar of the engine, we hear some rumbling. The game is highly recommended to nobody. It is worth trying to play it only if you play everything at all, which resembles a racing. As the Street Outlaws: The List free download is unavailable, and you can only make a one-time purchase, you can be really frustrated.

Gameplay 3/5

Drag Racing gameplay is quite poor, it can bore you to death. You start with a coin toss that helps you to determine which side of the road you will be racing. However, this procedure is useless enough because the side really doesn't matter. Whichever road you go, you won't get any benefits or something else.

The mini-game also doesn't save the whole situation. You have to turn on the car and make the rear wheels spin while keeping your vehicle straight.

Once the mini-game is over, the race begins. The countdown starts, and with the word "go", you pull the trigger and try to keep your car from turning to the side. It would be best if you shifted gears every few seconds so that the speedometer continues to grow. You click the triangle to do this — what an excitement.

Controls 4/5

The game opens with a kind of textbook representing the controls and two game modes. It doesn't matter what you would have to go through in the future. Thanks to the explanation at the beginning of the game, you will be ready for any turns of fate and road.

Replay Value 3/5

If you put up all the cons of graphics and gameplay, maybe you would like to play it again. You can endlessly drive along the track and compete, so if you are inspired by the spirit of competition and love racing, maybe this game is exactly what you were looking for.

Bottom Line

Street Outlaws: The List is not recommended to try. Even if you are the racing-enthusiast, it would be better to find another game.

  • Graphics 3
  • Gameplay 3
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 3

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