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Spirit Level Review: Accurate Calibration

Spirit Level is a free application allowing you to find out whether a surface is horizontal or vertical. It will expand the functionality of your mobile device. Download Spirit Level and enjoy this efficient calibrator without any annoying advertisement.

Design 3/5

The app is extremely simple. We would not say that its design deserves to speak about it because it is primitive. Still, it provides the required information in a clear way. You will see the charts with performances checked out when your device is placed in various positions: flat, vertical, or horizontal. There are several buttons with a comprehensive purpose.

Usability 4/5

This tool can be used in construction, photography, and other fields where it is important to ensure that the surface is level. No permission is needed in order to install this application. It is easy to use and can be activated with a couple of taps. Just follow the instructions shown on display. If you want to get the most accurate results, you should touch the button CAL and calibrate. You can do it skipping optional steps. If something goes wrong, it is simple to clear the calibration and start again. This app mimics the real level meter showing the result of measuring familiarly. So, you will understand the performances without difficulty. We hope that this Spirit Level Review provides you with enough information about this app.

Features 5/5

This software will help you to get a comprehensive idea of the surface with the use of your mobile device, and at that there are no risks to damage your phone or tablet. Apply the software for indication and be sure that you get the accurate data.

Here you can benefit from a range of features like bull's eye level with roll and pitch gauges screen. It is possible to check vertical and horizontal bubble level as well as the angle gauge screen. You are offered to apply the calibration feature if you want to correct for accelerometer misalignment and various axis sensitivities. If you are going to hold the current reading, you should press the pause button.

There are also Zero and Reset buttons. Apply them to benefit from the measuring process. There is a possibility to select the screen automatically. This option is based on inclination.

In-app purchases 5/5

There are no in-app purchases. The application is free and available without any restrictions.

The Bottom Line

Download Spirit Level if you want to use your mobile device for such a purpose as calibration. It prevents your smartphone from any damages. Just place it on the surface and launch the app. Apply it whenever you think appropriate. Be sure to get the exact data without any glass tubes and other tools. All that you need is your smartphone.

  • Graphics 3
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5

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