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Magnifier + Flashlight Review

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Magnifier + Flashlight Review: Take a Closer Look at the World Around You

Magnifier + Flashlight is an app, which represents the magnifying glass in a winning combination with a flashlight. The cases when you might need this useful combo are numerous, and if you want to download Magnifier + Flashlight, it’s available on Android for free.

Design 5/5

Since we’re talking about the app, which is mainly used by people who don’t see very well, the design is simple, and icons are colorful for a better and more distinct picture. The navigation is easy, so even the older generation doesn’t find it difficult to use this Magnifier + Flashlight app.

Usability 5/5

Using the app is a sheer pleasure. Some of the magnifying applications tend to be over-complicated, but here, we have a quick and simple tool. It’s easy to access it, and you can see things clearly in a matter of seconds. This is especially important for older people who are more likely to have issues with their eyesight.

Features 4/5

Magnifier + Flashlight was developed by App2U to simplify life, mainly of those people who have bad eyesight. Now, if you have this app on your smartphone, you don’t need to carry your reading glasses everywhere you go, and you can also leave your chunky physical magnifying glass at home.

The app uses the camera of your phone to enlarge the details of any object, and it doesn’t have to be the text only. You can apply the app functions to literally anything. Not only people who can’t see well will benefit from the usage of this app. Perhaps, you need to read very tiny things even if you don’t have issues with your vision. Looking for things behind or under the sofa will also stop being a cumbersome task. Your child will no longer wish he had a microscope to explore the world around him.

The Magnifier + Flashlight app was designed to be used on smartphones, and it has been tested to function well on almost all Android devices. There might be some issues with focusing the camera, and the picture ends up being blurry. Yet, that’s not the fault of the app, and it might be due to the phone’s hardware.

In-app purchases 5/5

The application is free, and to be honest, it doesn’t require an upgrade because it functions very well as a free version. However, there is an opportunity to upgrade the app and purchase Magnifier Pro, but that’s in case you don’t like to view adverts. Other than that, the free version will cope very well.

The Bottom Line

This magnifying glass app is very helpful in those cases when you have a hard time reading the small print, dealing with a tiny object, or operating in dark or hard to reach areas. As you’ve already understood while reading our Magnifier + Flashlight review, we thoroughly enjoyed using the app and can definitely recommend it, even if your eyesight is perfectly fine.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 5

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