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Google Home Review: One Remote to Control Everything

Google Home is an app designed to control and manage Chromecast devices and Google Home. This app is an official development from Google, and you can download Google Home for free for your iOS or Android device.

Design 5/5

The design of the Google Home free app is extremely clean and straight-to-the-point, just what you would expect from an app in this category. The background in the app is white, while the circles of menus and additional details are colorful. This creates a nice contrast and makes it easy to see everything you have in your Google Home download.

Usability 4/5

An important thing to discuss in this Google Home review is its usability. The app is designed to connect to all your Chromecast devices and control various aspects of your Google Home experience – lights, thermostats, TV, and everything else. The Google Home latest version has an improved interface that allows you to access all these features quickly and with zero stress. You can manage and organize all the devices that you have according to your preferences. It’s extremely convenient, and the entire set up takes only a few minutes. In the Google Home free download app, you can see all the settings for separate rooms, so it’s easy to change from one room to another and make the necessary adjustments.

Features 4/5

The Google Home Android app allows you to see what is going on in your house using your mobile device. The features include controlling and managing cameras, lights in your home, TVs, and more. One of the best things about the application is an opportunity to create convenient shortcuts. For instance, the lights will be dimmed when you want to watch a film. Another option is that you can combine several actions into a sequence that you can start with a single tap. You can create routines for certain times of the day or events and access them in just one or two taps whenever you need it.

In-app purchases 5/5

The Google Home install is an official app from Google. Being an additional app to the existing services, it’s only natural that it is free. At the moment, there are no in-app purchases offered by the developers, and you can use all features without paying for anything.

The Bottom Line

The Google Home app is what every Google Home user should have on their device. It offers you a single place to conveniently manage all the devices in your house using just your phone. The app has a clean design, and all the features are obvious and can be found with no issues. You can see different adjustments for individual rooms and change them accordingly. You can download Google Home for free for your iOS or Android device, and it will surely make your life a lot easier.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 5

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