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Animal Jam - Play Wild! Review

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Animal Jam - Play Wild! Review: Express Yourself as an Animal

Animal Jam - Play Wild! is a 3D multiplayer adventure game by WildWorks, Inc. In this family-friendly game, you can explore a vast fantasy world of Jaama in the form of your favorite real or fictional animal. It’s a safe playground for kids that carries a lot of knowledge about animals and their habitat. You can download Animal Jam - Play Wild! for Windows PC on Steam. It was originally released on iOS and Android.

Graphics 5/5

The 3D universe of Jaama is magnificent and detailed even though it originated on mobile platforms. Vivid locations and unique designs of animals will make you stick to the screen even if you are an adult. Developers of the title are incredibly creative and provided a variety of different locations so that you can easily find the best home for your pets.

Gameplay 5/5

Animal Jam - Play Wild! gameplay is full of communication, adventures, and addictive quests. First of all, you can freely explore the living world around and adopt animals that you meet on your way. Then you can personalize each of them from head to tail to make them even more beautiful. There are hundreds of accessories, clothes, decorations, and other stuff in the shop for you to pick up. Animals need a personal place to live in too. For this purpose, you can build them a den and customize it to fit all their needs. This process will teach you about some traits and demands of real animals. If you have nothing to do, visit your friends or invite them to your place. Using a chat, you can send quick messages or write your own ones. The chat is protected from cyber-bullying, so you can be sure that your kids won’t be offended with rude words or tricked by foes.

Controls 4.5/5

Animal Jam - Play Wild! latest version for PC has a renovated interface and commands adapted for keyboard and mouse. The vast majority of commands can be done with a mouse. It’s also very convenient to type in messages using the physical keyboard. The title is still in Early Access category, so we can wait for some more improvements soon. We hope that developers add controller support.

Replay Value 5/5

If you want to explore Animal Jam - Play Wild! full game universe, you will need quite a lot of time to do that. New animals and locations are added so frequently that it’s hard to keep up. The last updates include items and areas for Halloween and several new animals, including pythons.

The Bottom Line

Animal Jam - Play Wild! is an outstanding game for children. It’s not only incredibly exciting but also safe enough to leave kids alone with it. It provides options for online communication, cooperative exploration, and the creation of custom animal looks. It’s an excellent virtual environment for self-expression. You can make sure how good it is and share your own Animal Jam - Play Wild! review with other parents.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 4.5
  • Replay Value 5

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