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Ultimate Custom Night Review

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Ultimate Custom Night Review: One of the Best Survival Horror Game

Ultimate Custom Night is the second spin-off of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. It was developed by the independent video game designer and animator - Scott Cawthon. Ultimate Custom Night game has only a single-player mode and available to install on your PC. The release date is 27 June 2018. You can download Ultimate Custom Night on Windows platform. On April, Cawton announced about the upcoming update. New release of Ultimate Custom Night coming out with VR feature. This survival horror game has already gained great popularity in the gaming community.

Graphics 4/5

Ultimate Custom Night has decent visuals. Predominantly, it uses dark colors. According to Ultimate Custom Night system requirements to the graphics, you need to have 1GB. Overall, the game has very detailed items with different animation effects. And the customization opportunities are almost endless. Every challenge is well-themed, and all the important information is highlighted with the neon boards. Although the game was developed by only one man, he definitely invests time to create high-quality graphics.

Gameplay 4/5

Ultimate Custom Night full game is listed in the survival horror and point-and-clicks categories. As such, the most interesting events in the game take place at night. As a player, you need to avoid attacks from animatronics. For this, you have to manage several systems at the same time such as ventilation, air duct, and doors. The game has two types of in-built currencies: Faz-Coins and Death Coin. Please note, that to get the power-ups that are aimed to help you during the night with the animatronics, you need to use “Faz-Coins”. The Death Coins can eliminate the defined animatronics from the game.

After the detailed Ultimate Custom Night review, it is obvious that the game has a lot of customization options. They include the choice of an office where you want to play in and the power-ups. Ultimate Custom Night has 16 challenges. The game has 50 characters and 8 secret heroes. And it is available to download on Steam or Game Jolt.

Controls 5/5

The game has a well-designed interface and the control mechanism is easy-to-use. On the top right corner you can always watch the time, a little lower you will find the buttons to manage different systems. Also, the game always prompts you what to do and what on the button you need to click to perform a certain action. On the bottom left corner, you can find the bars of usage and noise.

Replay Value 5/5

Although the game has only 16 challenges, Ultimate Custom Night has a lot of customization options, therefore, each challenge could be different. It is very exciting to unlock new skins and cutscenes! Also, the map of your office hides a lot of secret halls and rooms. It all adds the interest to users to return back and play the game even when all challenges are passed. Moreover, with the VR release, the game will become more exciting.

The Bottom Line

Ultimate Game Night download is available for Windows users. The minimum requirement is to have Windows XP installed on the computer. The game has 16 challenges, a lot of customization options and 50 characters to play. It is one of the best game in a survival horror category. The visuals are decent and control mechanism easy to understand. There are special tools that you can earn during the game like power-ups. They definitely come in handy at night.

  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5

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