Overwatch®: Origins Edition

Overwatch®: Origins Edition

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Overwatch®: Origins Edition review

Overwatch is a must-play team-based multiplayer. This first-person shooter by Blizzard is available to play on PC, PS4, and Xbox.

At first sight, everything is simple. There are 2 teams, and you have to choose one of 24 unique characters. The modes are simple to grasp, and they serve as a foundation for the various maps. But on the other hand, this exciting game offers different options or all the players. In Overwatch, everything depends on your choices and what role you get within the context of your team.

In Overwatch, every match is an epic multiplayer showdown where soldiers, adventurers, mercenaries, scientists, fight against each other. This solid shooter strives to do just a couple things. And it does them ideally. Let’s have a closer look at Overwatch and find out its pros and cons.

Graphics 5/5

The visuals, music, and sound effects will pleasantly surprise you. We’re all used to the dark and somehow gloomy shooters. But Overwatch bursts with color and light atmosphere. The characters have beautiful basic and alternate costumes and well-designed personalities. Falling in love with them is easy.

The maps are bright and entertaining. You’ll visit the London subway system and sunny Grecian streets. Each of the maps is tied to a particular objective type. Their designs let you choose the vector of engagement, and you won’t be left where there’s no action.

Gameplay 4,5/5

Overwatch has an engaging and entertaining gameplay. The game offers you a squad-based combat. There are 2 teams with 6 members in each one. What you have to do is choose your character with unique abilities and several roles like:

  • defense characters forming choke points for the opponents;
  • offense characters having high attack and speed but low defense;
  • support characters providing buffs and debuffs for the allies and opponents respectively, for example, speed alterations and healing;
  • tank characters with lots of hit points and armor to confront the enemy attacks and draw fire away from your teammates.

Overwatch will give you advice on how to create a better balance in your team during the pre-match setup. So, you’ll find out, whether you lack the defensive heroes, or not. That helps you to choose the alternative characters and balance your starting team. Overwatch encourages you to adapt to the enemy’s team during the match. You may switch between the heroes to use the abilities more effectively.

Every character has a core and leastwise 2 additional and truly useful skills. You can use them anytime you need, but some of these skills require a short “recharge” period. Plus, it’s useful to improve one ultimate skill. To build up a meter towards this skill as fast as possible, try to beat more opponents and perform various important tasks.

The second meter shows you how many in-round points a character has scored over time. To earn such points, you have to kill the enemies, assist in killing, get objective points, or provide your team with healing and defense. The meter drops gradually in case you stop scoring points. When you reach a particular threshold, you will have an icon “on fire,” showing that your character is a real threat.

The number of experience points depends directly on how effectively you used your powers, whether you’ve won or lost, beating own records, and so on. After earning an experience level, you can get a loot box, which contains 4 random cosmetic items for individual characters. Those may be:

  • paint sprays;
  • emotes;
  • voice lines;
  • victory poses;
  • alternate costumes.

All of them have a rarity level — Common, Epic, or Legendary. Moreover, you will earn the in-game currency — credits. Use them to buy particular cosmetic items directly. The cost is based on the item's rarity. To get other items, you’ll need to complete different in-game achievements.

Controls 4,5/5

The controls are simple and familiar to most gamers. You may use your Xbox, PS4, or the keyboard and a mouse to play Overwatch. Check out or customize the controls in the game’s menu.

Replay Value 4/5

It’s interesting to replay the game again and again and master your skills little by little. There’s an instant replay system in Overwatch. The developers implemented it to highlight the most meaningful parts of the game that had an influence on the progression. After you finish the game, the server automatically chooses such moments and shows them to the players from a participant responsible for it.

The game also shows up to 4 players from all the teams with the best achievements like the damage dealt or time spent on the objective during the match.

In-app Purchases

In Overwatch, you can make optional real money purchases. They are, for example, hero skins or bonus loot boxes. You may also buy a Standard or a Game of the year edition, which is more expensive. But you can make own choices. It’s not necessary to spend money while playing this game. Just try to earn as much in-game currency as you can, and spend it on the items you need.


This shooter has own personality and a particular charm. It is profound, and you’ll have to use your tactics to succeed. Your brain will be the most powerful weapon.

Overwatch is a game for everyone. Each of the heroes has an area to thrive in, and all of them are relevant and competitive.

With the cartoonish graphics, various stages, and distinct characters, the game becomes worth playing and memorable. You should be confident about stepping into the world of Overwatch. It is amazingly entertaining, rewarding, and a little crazy.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 4.5
  • Controls 4.5
  • Replay Value 4

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