Frag Grounds

Frag Grounds

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Frag Grounds Review

Frag Grounds is a multiplayer first-person shooter game which incorporates the classic game modes such as team deathmatch, deathmatch and capture the flag, as well as a more strategy-oriented Conquest mode played on large, open maps which includes taking and controlling objectives for your team's advantage. Some of those objectives are land vehicle and aircraft factories as well as advanced equipment facilities capable of producing weaponized exoskeletons and other hi-tech gadgets that will bring doom upon the enemy's ranks and headquarters.

Alongside that, there also are more dynamic game modes for those who seek a greater thrill and challenge. Team's aren't always equal, as each one will have their pros and cons. Players can, for example, compete with each other in a robot vs human setting. Robots may be faster and tougher, they can also use heat vision. The human team however, has their own tricks up their collective sleeve, be it regenerative abilities highly coveted by the robotic lifeforms, or hi-tech equipment offering various advantages.

Enjoy classic player versus player combat in a military setting, try out the various vehicles including cars, armored personnel carriers, tanks, mechs, helicopters and VTOLs as well as some nifty plasma or laser rifles, or, if you're tired of mortal imperfections, take a crack at the robot vs robot mode for an especially stimulating gameplay.

Change or adapt your strategy at any given time by making use of the weapon attachment system - swap your reflex sight for a tactical scope, put on a suppressor or a muzzle brake for quieter or steadier firing, and more.

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Frag Grounds FAQ

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