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  • Spare No Efforts to Secure Transmission Lines Flood Prevention

    Spare No Efforts to Secure Transmission Lines Flood Prevention

    Every year during the flood season, accidents such as tower tilt, invert, broken line may frequently happen due to heavy rain, flash floods, landslide, collapse, debris flow and other natural disasters, which may cause great threat to power generation, thus related departments and enterprises all attached great importance to this problem. Recently, the Line Maintenance and Repair Department carried out a series of flood control and hidden danger investigation to ensure the safety and stability of transmission lines in flood control.Most of Hanas New Energy Group currently operated field transmission lines are built on loess, hilly, and gully belt, and some are built on the steep slope, where the soil is soft, easy to be washed by rain and landslide, collapse and other accidents may often occur.

    Line maintenance department persisted on the principle of “early prevention, focus on patrol” working rules, and carried out a comprehensive and meticulous screening of hidden dangers in terms of the important and weak transmission line tower and cable, the area prone to landslide and subsidence, the tower foundation slope protection, retaining wall drainage ditch and other flood control facilities, and tackle the problems timely.At the same time, the Line Maintenance Department actively carried out special patrol after rain, implemented measures such as flood prevention and collapse prevention, increased the frequency of inspection, eliminated potential hidden dangers, and built a strong “safety net” for transmission line equipment during flood control.

    (Reporter: Liang Tingrong, Li Yubo  Translator:Gao Nan )

    Hanas group has always been committed to investing in the development of green, safe and reliable clean energy...