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  • “Rally Signal” Sounded at Xinliang No.1 Wind Farm

    “Rally Signal” Sounded at Xinliang No.1 Wind Farm

    In order to further improve the health level of power supply equipment and ensure the safe and stable operation of the booster station and the reliability of power supply, on April 22, to 23, Xin Liang 1st Wind Station went through power failure maintenance, and carried out preventive test, hidden trouble detection and elimination of equipment.

    Equipment safety and maintenance quality is the top priority of maintenance work, the maintenance of the outage time is short, the task is heavy.In order to complete the maintenance work of the booster station on schedule in a comprehensive, efficient and high-quality manner, the station conducts line inspection and hidden trouble investigation of the 10kV standby power supply in advance, so as to prevent the loss of power of the standby power supply during the maintenance of the whole power failure.Make test plan and maintenance plan in advance to ensure the smooth completion of all maintenance work.

    The line outside the station was divided into two groups. The repair team of 35kV collecting wire and routing line was responsible for eliminating the fault; Tianneng operation and maintenance company was responsible for eliminating the fault in the 220kV Liangfeng line; and the equipment test in the station was conducted by Rongao electric power company.The operators are responsible for the equipment elimination in the station, including the structure area, the main transformer and the grounding transformer, the 35kV power distribution room, the secondary transformer and the battery room, and the SVG indoor and outdoor parts.In each work area, the responsible person is arranged to make the maintenance plan. The company and the station leaders personally go to the maintenance line to guide the whole process, strictly control the quality and safety, and coordinate and deal with the problems on the site at any time.

    each interval, and each device of the booster station can see the comrades in the flexible use of various types of instruments, clean porcelain, fastening the terminal box, cleaning dust, check the operation mechanism of breaker isolating switch, grounding, everything is carried out in an orderly way , until the maintenance and repair work is completed.

    Under the leadership of the correct command and the joint efforts of all the staff, after two days of intense operation, the maintenance work successfully ended.

    In mid-October 2017, the Fan Maintenance Department conducted maintenance and repair of the fan foundation and road damage...