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  • Hanas Wind Farm Officially Interconnected with Vestas China Data Center

    Hanas Wind Farm Officially Interconnected with Vestas China Data Center

    Hanas New Energy Group and Vestas continued their deep cooperation to connect all the wind farm fan data owned by Hanas to Vestas China Data Center. The system was completed and commissioned in July 2017 and was officially launched in September. The data center adopts the international advanced networking equipment as the foundation and cloud storage technology, with 3 million servers on-line computing to meet the 10GW wind farm data storage and processing capabilities. In order to ensure the security during the data transmission, the deployment of high-security network security devices of National Grid distributed in the network key nodes can effectively prevent the occurrence of unsafe events such as data leakage, hacker attacks and network viruses.


    (Image: Wind Farm Equipment Room)

    The operation of the data center indicates that Hanas wind power data analysis capability and structure will be promoted to new level. In the future, it will dynamically monitor the large volume of data in an accurate and effective way by the means of a unified method, uniform sample, uniform definition. By means of offline channels, professional researchers combined with unique technology platform could carry out more precise measurement, statistics, analysis, research and forecasting work to provide data support for on-line diagnosis of wind turbine generators. (by Wang Yi,Operation Department)

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