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  • Deeply Explore the Hidden Dangers, Take Preventive Measures

    Deeply Explore the Hidden Dangers, Take Preventive Measures

    In September 2017, the operator of Yanzhou No.1 wind farm found that there was an abnormality in the main equipment of the station. In order to avoid the expansion of the equipment and endanger the safety of equipment and personnel, the operator decisively reported the emergency to the supervisory control department and applied for a temporary blackout to eliminate it.

    The rapid response of defective processing and the on-site staff of excellent quality ensured that the maintenance work in a safe, orderly and efficient manner. Through the strong collaboration among team members, equipment defects were eliminated and power was delivered on the day of blackout. The main equipment was in stable operation. (by Lei Tao, Operation Department)

    From October 6 to 10, 2017, Ningxia’s Yanchi County was hit by an unexpected cold surge, followed by...