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  • Turbine Model for Dashuikeng and Shijiawan Wind Farms Chosen

    Turbine Model for Dashuikeng and Shijiawan Wind Farms Chosen

    From October 2016 to January 2017, the management of Ningxia Hanas New Energy Group and technical staff of Hanas Engineering Construction and Management Company jointly conducted field research and visited domestic turbine manufacturers, which participated in the domestic public bidding for the turbines to be installed in Hanas Dashuikeng 200MW wind power project and Shijiawan 100MW wind power project. After strict and comprehensive scrutiny of the “hard factors” such as the factory production process flow, credentials of key suppliers, the quality control system and the warehousing and transport capacity, as well as the “soft factors”, such as vendors’ responses on their business operation and technical capacity, delivery cycle and after-sale warranty service, Ningxia Hanas New Energy Group finally identified Vestas Wind Technologies (China) Co., Ltd., one of the world’s top wind turbine manufacturers, as supplier of wind turbines for Dashuikeng and Shijiawan wind power projects (300MW in total).

    The turbine model Vestas will provide Hanas is the world leading V110-2MW inland low-speed wind turbine, which was developed for the MK10 platform. Introduced to the China market for operation in 2016, V110-2MW features large impeller, low starting wind speed and high efficiency, and can be fitted with the new light 95m tower to maximize wind energy capture capability in the low wind speed area.

    The installation of V110-2MW wind turbine will surely provide a powerful guarantee for future sound and lucrative business operation Dashuikeng and Shijiawan wind power projects. (Writer: Engineering Department  Chen Zhengyu)

    On May 24, 2017, the 300,000kW wind power project of Hanas Group’s Yanchi Dashuikeng formally obtained the Opinion...