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  • Completion of the First Foundation Pit Excavation of Dashuikeng Wind Power Project

    Completion of the First Foundation Pit Excavation of Dashuikeng Wind Power Project

    The first foundation pit excavation of turbine foundation of Dashuikeng wind power project was completed on April 27, 2017. A satisfactory inspection of foundation subsoil was already conducted by geological survey, design and supervision professionals. The bottom elevation was retested as correct, which meant conditions were ready for laying the foundation cushion.

    As the Dashuikeng wind power project is located in the geological area of collapsible loess in Ningxia’s Yanchi County, the basic construction environment is complicated and harsh. In order to ensure the quality of the project construction, prior to the construction of the foundation pit of the wind turbine, the construction project department mobilized the construction and supervision units to formulate a special plan for the foundation construction of the wind turbine which incorporated the geological prospecting report,  the design drawings and previous project construction experiences. A clear guideline for turbine foundation construction was thus formulated to standardize construction methods and work flow. It also provides responsive methods and solutions to address abnormal situations, such as pit wall collapse and uneven distribution of the base holding layer. The guideline also stipulates the responsibilities of supervision and management team. Hanas will adopt effective prevention measures and strict management standards to guarantee smooth and steadfast construction of the turbine foundation. (Writer: Engineering Department  Chen Zhengyu)

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