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    Wind Power Construction

    After years of development and construction, Hanas wind power has formed a complete and efficient construction mechanism:

  • High-quality wind resources and scientific micro-site selection
  • All Hanas wind power projects are located in Yanchi, Ningxia area and Alxa Left Banner, Inner Mongolia with the abundant wind resources. The Group has made full use of local meteorological data, wind data and satellite collection of wind resources data, through mass computing by the wind turbine manufacturers and designers, to ensure optimum locations for wind turbines and full exploitation of wind resources, in order to secure maximum efficiency of the turbines and achieve the best power generation.

  • International project management pattern and excellent construction team
  • During the construction of Ningxia wind farms, the Group cooperated with North China Electric Power Design Institute Engineering Co., Ltd., a leading designer in the domestic wind power industry, and introduced the professional management team from the internationally renowned Technip. The parties effectively optimized the construction progress, construction quality and cost control of the projects.

    The Group has chosen a number of well-established construction companies, such as Tianjin CLP Large Equipment Installation Engineering Co., Ltd., China Gezhouba Group Power Co., Ltd., to effectively ensure the construction schedule and quality. With the introduction of the first 1200-tonne crane from Liebherr in Asia, , we are able to greatly shorten the transition period, reduce the construction cost and speed up the construction progress compared with traditional crawler cranes.

  • Advanced and applicable selection of fans and relevant equipment
  • We have adopted applicable equipment with advanced technology from home and abroad. At present, we are the first mover in China and the only player around the globe to have adopted all our wind turbines from Vestas, the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer, featuring its 7th-generation V90, V100 and V110 wind turbine models for our wind power projects connected to the grid or under construction , which currently are the most stable and efficient mainstream turbine models all over the world. All the main equipment of substations and booster stations are products from global leading companies e.g. Siemens, ABB among others. The supporting equipment are manufactured by industry backbone enterprises, such as NARI, Sifang, etc. The top-quality products have ensured long-term, stable and safe operation.

    Recently, according to the requirements of the State Grid Corporation and the relevant documents of the group company,...